I Am The Jack Of Diamonds
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2001-09-25 03:08:52 (UTC)

Don't Pass All The High Cards!

When passing cards in the beginning of a round in Hearts,
my instinct is often to get rid of all of my high cards. I
didn't recognize how i was acting as an enabler for those
who wanted to shoot the moon.

After another mediocre afternoon of hearts (1 win, 3
losses), I thought maybe the weaker players were holding me
back. It's like playing chess with players with no
strategy - it disrupts my strategy! So I went to the
intermediate players' rooms.

I went to the 'Green Room.'

At the end of my second loss there, a player i respected
(rating = 1630) reprimanded me at the end of a game. He
said some something like 'Do you pass the queen to just

But he left as the game ended, so I did too.

And i followed him.

I joined him at another table and inquired. I explained
that i was trying to give the Queen to the lowest score,
but had no choice sometimes. He said it was O.K, but i
realized i needed to be more aware of who i'm giving points

At the conclusion of the first game at that table, he and
another player started harshly criticizing my play. They
told me i was allowing players to shoot the moon because i
was passing them all high cards (and no low hearts!) at the
beginning of a round.

When i said 'I promise i won't next game - and maybe i'll
win', they all laughed me.

So, i embarked on my mission to show them all i had what it

After the third round? 23 (me) / 13 / 4 / 38

I was still in the game - that is, until i got only one
spade - a queen, in the next round.

36 (me) / 18 / 4 / 46

Of course i went on to lose. I admitted to the other
players that i had better leave because i felt like i was
ruining there games. They didn't diagree. One person asked
how old i was, and the other typed 'phew'.

Before i left, i told them i added them to my 'friends
list' so i could track them down someday, join them at a
table, and impress them with my sensitive hearts playing.

Lesson Learned I = Always pass a heart lower than your
highest heart to prevent others shooting the moon.

Lesson Learned II = When the low man is out of a suit -
stop passing that suit (if possible).

rating = 1446
7 wins (16%)
38 losses (84%)

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