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2001-09-25 02:58:51 (UTC)

entry#4 ...things are looking up

Things finally got cleared up, I couldnt possibly begin
to tell you how things managed to work themselves out.It
was so complicated i got lost just thinking about it, but
the main thing is i got all my friends back. Kyle isnt my
friend anymore because he lies too much. Ive gained from
this expirence though. I mean I know now to understand when
its vital to keep my mouth shut (wich is when anyone who i
care about confides in me with anything), to realize who my
friends are and to show me just how great my friends really
are because John had all the opportunity in the world to
turn his back on me and to not hear me out but he did and
so did Ben and because they listened everything (for the
most part) worked itself out and thats the way its supposed
to happen. I value each of them that much more now just
because they gave me a chance. I am no longer a fan of
secerets .. i mean if i know one im not going to go tell
anyone .. at all , no matter what. The only way i would do
something like that is if i know someone was going to hurt
themselves or someone else, i cant let that happen. What
kind of person would let anyone do that ? I dont know. Not
me! But if anyone has gone or is going through something of
this nature just remember, its happening for a reason
because everything happens for a reason and you will come
out of it learning stuff u didnt know before and being a
stronger person when before you didnt think you would be
able to manage. It also makes you thank god for who he gave
you. I dont know i am just a happy person, i asked for it
all to die down and it did just that.. after
John "confronted" kyle at Johns house but none the less,
things got just a little better for all of us.. or at least
i hope so .. but i have other stuff to talk about
well actually i dont have much time to so ill write again
tomorrow .... later