edy's life
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2001-09-25 02:50:46 (UTC)

future is not so brite

theres one thing in my life i treuser how i make people
feel i try my hardest to make people happy and alota times
it works then i feel so good i get so jelous when people
say there going out to dinner with there family i havent
done that in years i cant ever spend anytime with my own
mom shes always so busy with everyone and everytihng else i
people say guys look for girls that sorta resemble there
mother liek not in look but liek attitude and stuff and im
just lookin for someone to cr this sounds so fuckin stupid
but its get a cut this sounds so fuckin stupid but its the
truth all im lookin for is a little comfort

i miss my mom and i see here everyday :..(
i now youll never see this mom but i love you