edy's life
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2001-09-25 02:36:40 (UTC)

missing you missin me

im heartless boring and so confusing i wish i new whyt
poeple liked me so i could change i liek having friends but
i hate fighting i hate having to choose who over who
i a pussy so id never kill my self but to run away doesnt
sound that bad

ill finish skool and move far far away
edy waited till he finshed highskool move to holly wood got
a tatoo-tom petty thas cool i wana move to cali i always
did and i will and i want a tatoo and my names edy soo

i liek to help people get thru tuff times and i cant even
help my slef
kurt cobain said it best
i need some help to help my self R.I.P kurt. d cobain 67-94
i wish i was just the quit kid who nobody ever talked to

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