Rant with Shady
2001-09-25 02:13:44 (UTC)

Big, Red, Hairy Monster

Maintenance Dan!!I love the Maintenance Man!!*lust* mmm
Big,Red,Hairy Monsters! Work sucked ass today. Hell, man,
what do you expect form a nasty-ass, gritty-ass, greasy as
hell WD-40 factory?? It went fast cuz I was in the line
rotation next to Donnald. Donnald is in jail. He's a cutie
though... makes me laugh :) Little Dan came to visit me up
on the line from shipping. He's *still* in love with me :|
I don't know what to make of that. Mickey is MIA. He got
out of jail last tuesday and now he's nowhere to be found.
(NOTE: About 75% of the workers at the plant are temps from
the work-release program from the county jail) That really pisses
me off about Mickey. I was supposed to give him a ride to
work but he took off on me with no warning. What a pussy
burp he is. I like my job. Its gritty and dirty and fun
when the machines aren't breakin down and jamming up. Thank
the gods our plant was blessed with good lookin guys like
Dan (Little Dan's step bro) and Darrel to fix the machines.
It makes the day go a lot smoother when you have eye-candy
hangin around. I get to do Quality Control next Monday and
Tuesday. Oh, baby.*smirk* Its one of the easiest jobs.
Fuckin-A, Top Dollar, gourmet gravy, yo.
Theres lotsa gossips where I work... nothin' but a bunch of
fuckin' magpies...
DMX said it best whan he said "YA'LL GON' MAKE ME LOSE MY
MIND... UP IN HERE...UP IN HERE!" Magpies... all of 'em.
Later kids.