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2003-02-15 09:17:19 (UTC)

five again

so im writing my diary drunk as ass and you know what i
feel yeah ALEX TOTALLY Screwed up all my
chances with TYRONE that fucking fucker im gonna kick his
matt to the power of 2 ass...ah well i have to see alex
from russia tomorrow so i'll get some punani...yeah
punani...i like punani as much as i like blueberry bagels
with strawberry cream cheese...yeah just like i
didn't get laid for valentines day...i better get laid for
valentines day after or else i'll be really upset...not
upset but really horny you know what i mean??? any gay
man reading this and in the toronto area please call me
thanks and have a nice alex is a bitch that
piece of punani asshair with nipples to beat...i hope he
and eric have anal sex so hard that his ass becomes as
soft as a blueberry bagel...yeah that's right motherfucker
that soft!!! so im horny as can be and ready to
masturbate even thought i don't want to because its
against my rules...fucking penises and their hardness...ah
well its better than a hole...right??? k i love you all
for reading my drunken status...peace love and have a
great life...please leave me a message if you want because
it makes me feel special...i love you all more than before
and guess what alex is a whore that skank of a hoe who
ruined all my chances with hot tyrone...if i don't get
laid tomorrow by alex from russia alex your so coming over
and giving me a blowjob you bitch from antartica...i still
love you though...and raymond that mexivan dirty
cunt...and aldirto that lovely dirty ricardo fucking ho...

peace and love and unity and respect...

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