My Life
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2001-09-25 02:11:06 (UTC)

Life as a home schooler

Well here I am.... back to home schooling, I never thought
I would ever go ack to it. Its not really that bad you
don't have to worrie about grades! One reason I'm doing
this is so i can do that college thing! (you will hear
about that in the later, mabie!) I found this diary thing
in the history... I think my brother has one here.. (Please
read his, Flame10885 is his user name)he has alot of
problems with god. I go there and try to help him.. I use
the name [email protected] to send him off track of finding
out I'm reading his! he told me if i found his diary he
would lock it. This is weird... if feels like I'm talking
to my self... But since I'm not allowed to chat (I can E-
mail... you can reach me at [email protected])Well I'm
tired of talking and not getting a responce.... Untill next


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