Deb's messed up life
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2001-09-25 02:10:04 (UTC)

It's a monday night and Aaron just called.

It's Monday night and I went to cell group today and I
really liked it today bc it was laid back and we just kinda
chilled out, talked, ya know, just did our thing. I am
avoiding doing my chemistry homework because I hate
school. Junior year is so stressful. I heard from like
everyone that junior year is the hardest. I believe it.
My teachers overwhelm me with homework every night. I am a
4.0 student but already I have missed a few assignments and
failed a few tests. Something tells me I won't be 4.0 this
year. Oh well, I won't let it get to me because school is
not the only thing on my mind now. Aaron and I talked on
the bus about Courtney and it made me feel better because I
know that we can talk about anything together. That's
something Courtney and him can never have, really close
friendship. I was telling him why he shouldn't go out with
her this weekend from a friend's point of view, not a
jealous ex-girlfriend's point of view. He just called.
He's such a sweetheart. I can't believe I was ever mad at
him. I love him so much. I just have to (somehow) get
Courtney out of the picture so we can get back together. I
know he likes me a million times more than he likes
Courtney. His sister even said that. HaHa, she's jealous
because me and him are going to homecoming. She doesn't
stand a chance against me, she's no competition at all. I
don't know what I was ever worried about, Aaron still loves
me. Gotta go to sleep now.