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2001-09-25 02:09:53 (UTC)

Bad Britney, bad!

Ok, so Britney Spears is the spokesperson for Pepsi and she
gets caught on camera with a coke in her hand- how funny is
that?! Ok, maybe it's not THAT funny but it was at 6:30am.
Oh man, I swear I'm on something today. I can't stop
giggling. Maybe it was the ink with which Kim drew happy
faces all over my feet? that was rather comical. I don't
Ok, and I guess they aren't ALL bad. A bleach sat beside
me today and although I was wary, it was all god. She gave
me candy too so she's not so bad. Oh yeah and my theory is
all caput- remember Mr. Cutie-patootie who scammed off my
notes? Obviously he's in it only for my notes because I
saved him a seat today and the doorknob sat behind me but at
the end of lecture needed my notes again. What's up with
that? I think I'll stick to JC.
Ok and this makes me laugh. I have like big group
assignments in like all of my classes except Advanced Group
Work... ok. This school is on crack.
Later skater!

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Current music: "Just Don't Tell Me That"- N'SYNC