Fallen Tear Drop

The Feeling Of Emptiness
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2003-02-15 07:32:29 (UTC)

As I layed in bed and tried to..

As I layed in bed and tried to sleep, my mind wouldnt stop
wondering and thinking...
I tossed and truned, but couldnt fall asleep.
Zoie your on mommy's mind again,
but also so is money owed,dog needs food,
cats needs litter...
But most of all you.
You should have been 3 months old now,
O how mommy misses you so much.
I finally got my period today....
After not having one for two months...
Not really happy about it,
well because I thought just maybe,
I was getting another chance...
But how can I get another chance When I cant even get my
periods back to normal???
O how I dream of becoming a mother so much.
I think about it everyday.
Im not sure your daddy is ready or not...
But I really dont think he would mind to much.
And in the end he would be truly happy.
My arms are so empty and my heart is too,
since I lost you.
We came so close to have you not make it.
Three more months and you would have came home.
But instead the lord decied he needed you more.
I dont see how, and Im still kind of upset at him.
But like everyone tells me, he knows best.
I still cant belive 6 months have past since you passed
It still feels like it was yesterday when I was holding you
in the hospital.