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2001-09-25 02:05:36 (UTC)

Best Friend's Boyfriend

I can't handle it! My best friend's boyfriend is the the
biggest denial-wallowing, wool-blinded, foot-in-mouth loser
that I have ever known! He blames me for everything that
happens strictly between them, no matter how unreasonable
the accusation. Now he tells me that I'm the cause of all
his problems, and says that 'it' is my fault for getting
her drunk. He wouldn't even tell me what the 'it'
frustrating!!! First of all, I've never 'gotten her drunk.'
She has cheated on him before while drunk, but I was never
there to say anything and she wouldn't have listened
anyway. I'm not sure if she told him about those times or
not. But in any case, I'm sick of him blaming me for his
and her screw-ups just because he wants her, and their
relationship, to stay perfect. Whatever happened to taking
responsibility for your own actions, and holding others
accountable for theirs? This blame game is immature and
cruel. I know he wants me to be the stuffy, jealous, mean
snitch of a best-friend that appears on tv, but I'm just
not! I've never wanted to mess their relationship up.
Athough now I wish my friend would just find a guy who's
worthy of her, not some stupid, whiny little boy. He and I
are actually friends when he's not being a prick, but that
will all change if he doesn't quit these stupid episodes. I
have a history of letting people abuse me, and I'm just
can't, won't take it anymore!

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