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2003-02-15 06:51:04 (UTC)

Valentine's Day

So it is. I woke up sick yesterday morning (just a cold)
and have been stuffy and grumpy since. I went to work this
morning and passed out lollipops to my staff (heh, my
staff. I have a staff. *grinning*) and so on. I sounded
really funny over the storewide intercom. Everyone was
laughing at me. Then Erin called me and wanted to pout for
Valentine's Day with me. I told her to meet me after work
and we'd discuss the pouting.

Well, we met up and then went to look for a present for my
mom (which we never got) and ended up getting $40
haircuts. But let me tell you, we look sooooo good.
Seriously. We got champagne and hors d'orves (sp?) and we
looked really sexy. It was so fun!! So of course we had to
go out and drink. What else do you do with sexy haircuts?
Exactly. It's so way fun.

Of course, I can outdrink just about anybody, so it's not
as much fun for people to keep up with me cause then I end
up taking them home and getting them in bed. But a good
time was still had by all. And I'm glad Erin is my friend.

Here's to my Valentine.