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2003-02-15 05:42:51 (UTC)

Febuary 14, 2003

Valentines day.

Actually, besides my love life being a complete
disaster since halloween you'd think I'd have some natsy
shit to write today. But i don't. Today went alright fer
me. :)

So i didn't have a valentine, but it was still ok. All
my guy friends gave me candy and siobhan and sam woo got
me flowers :). And today was spent like any other day,
hangin around, goofin off.

AND- i DID get some looks today from the old you know
who. I know it sounds gay, i'm still pining fer him, but
like i sed- it gonna take some time before i get over him.

And lately I have befriended this friend of jenny's.
This kid robbie, a good friend of jenny's who has been hit
by the chapster. I guess matt's been giving him a
horrible time. I dont really want to get into it, but it
was some horrible, HORRIBLE things. And i don't ever
think i'll understand why ANYBODY would be mean to
robbie. It's really refreshing, he probably the nicest
kid i've met in a while, of course besides jimmy wikid
nice kid, whom i still hang with lol.

But robbie is such a sad guy, and you know how i get
when i find out someone's soul is in some need of savin!
lol. But i dunno, i guess i just sympathize with him, i
know what it's like to have matt totally crush you like a

But robbie is so sweet and so good natured. he's just
an all around around cutie, and he's never happy and never
smiles. n he has such a cute lil smile too- lol. I dunno
i just gotta cheer him up all the time. he must seriously
be the coolest kid EVER.

and guess wat? He likes the beatles!

LOL! IT's true! He likes all of the music I like!
Which is the shit, cuz its rare to find kids my age who
dig classic rock! haha, can yoo dig it? why yes i can!
and robbie can too, so i'm very excited to have found this
new friend of mine.

So i got him some candy for valentines day. :) He
later thanked me cuz i guess i was the only person who
gave him anything. Now i wish i had gotten him more than
just some chocolates!

But me n him might chill this vaca. I dunno if i wanna
bring him around to my house cuz i dont even wanna bring
MYSELF around to my house sometimes. The fam still sux
and i dunno how i would introduce him. Hey ma this is a
kid i met a couple of days ago, please dont talk to him-
BYE? I dunno.It's just that i'd be so embarassed cuz my
family sux- they really do. I know my parents mean well
but thet still treat me like i'm eight years old. And it
SUX! and i highly doubt theyd let me over to his house
cuz they dont trust me. So i guess we're limited to like
mall or somethin lame like that. :(

oh well.