Thoughts and Feelings
2003-02-15 05:41:12 (UTC)

I hate this day

Current Mood: bleh
Current Music: Chicago soundtrack, i was listening to All
By Myself by that was too damn depressing

I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and sighed.
Not only did it look cold and gloomy it was Valentine's
Day. Or as I like to call it Singles Awareness Day. So I
dressed to fit my mood, in all black, but still looking hot
enough for every single guy to wish they were with me. I
went to biology this morning and then after that went home
for a few hours, which helped. It's amazing, a few hours
at home can now really help me. And my mom gave me Godiva
chocolates and the Chicago Soundtrack so that made me
really happy. I brought my Homecoming dress home for my
mom to see so i put it on with the killer heels i got and
danced around the kitchen to All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle,
Cell Block Tango, etc. And I got a very sweet Valentine
from David, he really is an amazing guy. A perfect catch
for whatever girl he decides to give his heart to.
I was not in my room for most of the day, for after coming
back from home I went to give Laura some flowers and then
we went out to dinner, a bunch of us bitter singles going
out for pizza. And then we did a bit of shopping, well
window shopping for me, I'm so damn broke. And then we
came back and I popped my cherry. LOL not in that sense,
hell that was done three years ago, lol, but I finally went
to my first OU sporting event. I went to the Homecoming
Basketball Game, but only to watch half time. Then we
watched Clueless and went up to the house and to be honest
it crossed my mind more then once that I might come home to
a phone message from Geoff. I don't even know what it
would've said...and to be honest its better this way. I
don't need him toying with my emotions, they're already in
a jumble.
Blah, enough of Geoff!!!!! God why do I keep thinking
about him???

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