Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-25 01:11:48 (UTC)

Well...I think soon I ll go..

Well...I think soon I'll go take a shower. We got things
worked out today...I think. For the most part anyway.
People are so weird sometimes...I just don't understand
(Kariana [I love that name! hehe...], I'm not talking
about you here just in case you were wondering). I'm gonna
get my Billy Gilman CD now. I love this stuff! Hehe...I
love his voice! It's just...really really good. Jordan
agrees. Cat doesn't. She likes to sing country but not
listen to it which I don't get but that's okay cuz she
should get a cookie! :-)
Anyway...I should do my nails. I get to help with some 4-H
thing tomorrow night! I wonder if Jamie or Leah or any of
the Hanson's are. Probably Allison, Leah and I or
something like it usually is. And maybe Vanessa. Who
"The first thing on my mind when I open my eyes is our
first kiss. Shoo bee doo bop bop!" I love this song! I'm
not really singing it to anybody in particular but I still
like it. :) Our milk's still frozen! Yucky!
I hope Elisabeth in this song isn't a real person because I
would just feel so awful for her! I don't know the whole
story, but still...I dunno. I've said that a lot today for
some reason or another. Well, I'm going to go look for a
confirmation name now.