abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-25 01:08:16 (UTC)

i feel just replaceable i feel..

i feel just replaceable i feel liek im just the next in
line now i sit here and wonder is there more to me or
should i just leave i try to help them when i should be
helpin me if im sad you wont notice if i cry i wont care i
could run so far away and everyone woulkd be liek i dono
hes prolly just somwere would it even matter do u even
care is this wriiten to my selfor was it ment to be shared?
/ : thats what ed's info says on icq.
....i dotn knwo why he feels like that

and i cant write down any of my thoughst right now because
i'm too confused

in a minute i will maybe........?