edy's life
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2001-09-25 01:06:09 (UTC)

feelin so sad

this sucks i am so young and worry so much but i hitnk that
tihs all is gona be sad and stuff but once it over itll all
be ok i mean riet now i have alot things to tihnk baout but
i do liek aby so much its just liek wierd the only thing im
ever afraid of would be liek breakin up but i dont think we
could go out forever i dont want the same thing to happen
with me and her as me and my last girl friend

its so weird the samething happend to my mom liek 8 times
what am i gona do iu just need someone to show me that
there serisou bout it but not to serisou kuz im just a lil

i guess mu gona cry to sleep byebye