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2001-09-25 00:56:21 (UTC)


a night of sitting at the computer.
because i am in love with a girl that is always to far away
from me...
i dont think ill ever be able to get close enough to her.
shes fucking beautiful.
i would be happy just to know her.
but i get to love her...
and i couldnt be happier about it.
i havent been happy in so long.
i havent met someone i could relate to in so long...
all the people i love besides her.
ive known for a long time, i grew up with.
her and i are in completly different situations.
but we always seem to find a happy middle ground.
and i love her.
i just love her.
i love her for everything she is.
everything i know that shell be.
and it sucks that this had to happen now.
but you know.
well be alright.
because i believe in her...
and i believe in what love can do.
crazy shit man.
i do crazy shit for her...
i havent cared about some in a long time.
i havent payed attention to the world in a long time
and now everything seems bright and alive.
i feel alive.
and its beautiful.
two months.
only two month.
and a whole two months.
all at the same time.
i wouldnt be okay with out her
and im scared...
im scared about everything getting in the way.
about the changes im being forced to make.
and i know what to choose.
i just fucking cant.
i cant.
and i dont know what to do...
confusing at its best.
thats my life.
but you know.
shes perfect for me.
we fit.
and i wouldnt give that up for anything.
shes beautiful.
and shes my baby.
and i love her so completly.
i cant stop thinking about her.
i cant stop loving her.
and i never will.
no matter what goes down.
no matter how much i hurt
or she hurts.
i wont stop loving her...
because shes a beautiful person.
a beauitful girl.
and shes brought beauty into my life.
i know shit can be weird.
and there are issues.
and thats not good.
but you know.
no issues is bad.
timing is a problem...
but fuck time man.
fuck the world as far as im concerned.
because im in love with her.
and even if that isnt all that matters.
its what matters to me.