Diary?, how about Journal
2001-09-25 00:43:38 (UTC)

Its Not A Diary, Its a Journal.

Hey, its me..Lets call me SkAm.
This is my first stupid diary entry (i like to call it a
journal). Not really any news today. I went to skool,
played some hack, came home and went out for a bit. One
thing though, i found out i have to go to some stupid
friggin' Alchol Awarness program for 1 meeting and write an
essay on underage drinking. It all happened when i got
busted for underage drinking last winter, and now the cops
or whatever are bringing this crap up again now, what the
hell? Well, my dad is up in Ont. and wants this stuff
delayed till he gets home in a few weeks.. well, im pissed.
I know its only for 1 meeting but its gonna be dumb. Any outtie like Biggie Smalls, 2pac and Aliyah having
an orgy.
-SkAm =)