2003-02-15 02:29:47 (UTC)

my life is so hard sometimes

wow sometimes my life is really hard cause my mom and dad
arent togther and i have a step father who hates my guts
and turned my mom on me and brains washed her to think i am
a sluty hoe...........well this morning i woke up and e-
mailed my baby for valentines was ok until after
that....well my mom was like what are u doing today...i
said i am going to hang out with bridget chrissy rachel
sara cat and cindy....and she flips out and me and starts
yelling dont fuckign lie to me i know u have a boy friend
and ur going to be with him and knowing u ur going to do
stuff with him u little fuckign hoe...and i was trying to
tell her no and she hit me and i started to cry and she
yells dont think u can cry and ill feel bad for u i'm not
as soft as ur father is......and i went to my room and
locked my self in there and cried for about an hour and...
i got dressed and got the presntes togther that i bought
for my friends and i was trying to go out with her seeign
me but as i went to walk out the dorr she herd me and
started to yell again oh what the fuck are u tryign to go
sneak out to ur boy friend (she dont know about sean...but
never do anythign bad!)...and i got up the courage to yell
back no i am going to see my friends like i do every
friday...and if i did have a boy friend and we did stuff
like u think i do i wouldent hide it from u id let u find
out do u would kick me out...and i walked out and ran to
bridgets house then we took car service to chrissys cause
it was way too cold to walk.....and i was sad cause my baby
lives to far away to hang out with ever day.....and not
even on valentines day *tear*..............well and then at
chrissys house it was sad cause we watched a sad movie and
i just couldent stop thinking and we went out and i wanted
to go on by 3 to talk to my baby but we didnt get home till
like 430/5 and then when i went on to talk to him he seemed
angry at me and then he put on his away message and rachel
being the bitch she is kicked me off and wouldent let me go
on so i walked out and bridget followed me and i told her
about this morning...but i wouldent tell any one else...
and then after about an hour i went back on...only to have
seans friends owen and theo to tell me sean is mad at me
and i like started to cry so bridget took me for a walk and
i bought a lollypop and we sat in the park talking then we
went back to chrissys and my mom called and yelled at me
again and told me to get the fuck home...and her and my
step father went out do i am home alone and i am
crying...... well i have to go bye bye

sHoRtY bOtZ lOlLyPoP