my diary said it didn't want a name
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2003-02-15 02:24:32 (UTC)

two bands, a girl called harry and a trip to birmingham.

i was thinking last night and before i was going to work
about my band. its fucking up and although i know why,
everything i'm doing to save us just creates new problems.
its exactly like any given relationship but with 3 other
guys instead of one girl... or indeed, guy.

at the bus stop (license people are being cunts) i saw a
mate of mine from work called lee. he was fired about 4
months ago for smoking punk in the yard - hell yeah.

anyway... cut a lnog story short:

the end.

now i'm in two bands, singing in one, playing drums in the
other. all i need now is a band i can play guitar i :-)

i'm fucking wreaked.

i'm off to birmingham next monday to see fran. she took me
in the last time i was like this but this visit isn't
inspired by my constant complaining. i've threatened work
with the loss of its favourite employee (no, really...) if
i couldn't have the time off, lets see if they took heed
when i spring the date on them.

the plan is i'm going a week from this monday, that should
give me plenty of time to get everything ready. i'm playing
for lee's band next sunday and practicing with my own this
saturday and next. that means i wont miss anything.

this is probably going to be the last time i see franny
fart because of her illness but i'm going to make this a
fkn blast. she doesn't smoke weed anymore so i'm going to
have to think of something else, but we're gonna have a
laugh. can't wait to meet her new blokey, he sounds kool,
he's into all s&m and bondage and shit. me and fran were
talking about it on the phone and although i'd love to try
that shit, i've never had the chance - she says im
submissive (yee ha?)(spank me) :-/ ( .. this is getting a
bit dodgey now methinks). thing is.... none of this would
be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that fran's told her
bloke's 17 year old daughter about me, she's a dominatrix
(or something like that) and she's offered for me to sleep
in her room.... her name's harry - which is short for
something.. erm... welsh. i'm not sure exactly what i'm
being set up to do here but it's looking like fun so far :-
). sarah, fran's daughter's going to be there again which
is fkn class - i'm buying the enrique englasias person's
albumn for her. i'd rather she be listening to slayer or
aborted but music's music.

harry's 17, i'm 18, she's a dom (learning the lingo, oh
yeah), i'm sub ( ;-) ), and she wants me to sleep in her
room. now i don't want to get ahead of myself here.... but
i'm starting to really believe in one almighty, omnipotant,
commanding and creating life-force that might just like me.

i'm fucked.

"fuck you and goodnight"

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