My Little World
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2003-02-15 01:54:53 (UTC)

Valentine's Day

Hey All! Today was a good day for me! well, not the
school part, but after school was the best! Allen came
over and he gave me my present, which he totally DIDNT have
to do, but i loved it!!!! He got my 1/2 a dozen roses, a
heart-shaped box of chocolates, and the CUTEST teddy bear
in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss him soooo much now!!! And
he wrote the sweetest thing on the bag's card, but im not
ganna say it because it is personal, so yeah! Well, that's
all i wanna say for now! So for all you people out there
that got like twenty thousands roses today at school (not
talkig bout ashley) I beat you cus i got mine from the best
guy in the whole world! Plus you just got yours from
girls! haha (B.C.) Heheh!! welll, goodnight!

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