Visions Of Life
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2001-09-25 00:29:35 (UTC)

I'm Not Sure If I Can Make It..

Too many things happening at once. One problem, I can
handle. 2, I can handle, Even 3, but not 4.. I am about to
snap.. I cant take much more then this. I just want someone
to hold me and let me cry. I need to know that I am
wanted.. Fuck.. I just dont know what to do right now..

I am also wondering what the fuck is wrong with me? Why do
people run from me? Why dont they want me around? Do I bore
them? Am I selfish, mean? I mean seriously. This has gone
on all my life. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!???

Again.. breaking the depressive ice before I go crazy.. Why
do artists ruin great songs by doing shitty remixes with
untalented rappers? I mean, I'm Real, This Is Me, etc
etc..good songs that have been ruined by rap.. It drives me
nuts!!! I say we personally start an anti east coast rap
revolution... lol.. anyways...

But seriously.. This day was horrible... Just about
everyday has been since friday.. Friday wasnt that bad
except for I was in horrible pain.. I know tomorrow will be
just as bad.. cause I have school and that thought is about
to give me an anxiety attack.. did earlier.. fuck.. id drop
out.. again but then i get kicked out of my house. I want
to be in school cause I like learning but its just not
happening. And after I busted my ass trying to pay for
school, it would be a slap in the face if I gave up..

Breaking tension once more..

The hottest girl in a music video= that gothy chick in the
Linkin Park video, Crawling.. Yumm.. even with the black
tears shez hot..

And Brittney in the Stronger video is also hot.. Now, I
dont really like her(she was afraid of a fuckin ghecko, i
mean, come on!) but shez all hot in that video.. all wet
and dressed in black.. lofl.. umm.. yeah.. now I hide my
head in

Im totally thinking that I need to get the fuck out of this
state or the fuck out of this country. Rah.. But I am way
to scared to go alone, especially with limited finances.. I
need to do something important with my life and I just cant
seem to do that here In Littleton, Colorado.. I dont even
know what I want to do but I know I cant do it here...