edy's life
2001-09-25 00:23:52 (UTC)

hmm whatever

i dont know what i feel i feel soo weird i feel sorta liek
im missing sometihng but i dont know i am
my step brother is the biggest fag he gets me fuckin so
madd i wana kick his fuckin ass im gona to i tihnk he so
annyin whenb im tryin to sleep hes up allnite the the
fuckin computer and whatchun tv and shit hes a little bitch
one of these days im gona just liek punch himn in the face
liek 15 times and break his nose and stuff i dono its weird
all my friends are liek mosty really funy and hyper and shi
i feel liek a loner cuz imliek mellow and then i try to be
funny and im totally not at all hh i just liekd talked
about a miilion diffenent things at once o well fuck it
i feel liek i dono replaceable sometimes i just get up and
leav and no one evens cares u call that freedom but i feel
bad that noone ever missed me liek this summer all my
friends went on vacation and everyone miseed them and i
wasa gone for liek a week and noione even noticed but i
guess thtas how its gone be

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