Scarlet's Life
2001-02-24 08:57:18 (UTC)

I KNOW toooo long since i..

I KNOW toooo long since i wrote... This is the deal i
found out that Ben was probly goin to ask me to marry him
when eh got out and I dumped him b/c he needs to get his
life strait and TOO SERIOUS of a relationship.. too
night..I had company... My bed.. with my mom and step-dad
and baby sis in the other room.. ;-P OH MY GOD tho I needed
that and he was CUTTTTE toung pierced, left eye-brow
pierced.. ears pierced.. Niples pierces.. CUTEEEEEE and a
nice tummy.. I got a fedish with the tummy now days... but
even tho me and Ben was goin out for 6 months and 20 days
FUCK it... it wasn't really that long b/c he's been in jail
since mid-sept.... OH MY GOSH!!.. o.k u don't wanna hear
about that.. but there is this guy at school Max.. His
tummy got me into this fedish thing...He a CUTE also.. I
love messing with Max's tummy.. and biting his neck...
HEHEHE He hate it.... Oh well he bit me and he said he
don't bit in public... HEHEHEHE I"m so loved.. NOT...
anywayz I"ll shut up b/c I know some of u don't wanna hear