REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-15 00:16:48 (UTC)

4 day weekend

hey everyone......whats cookin!
well it was heather melms party yestrorday! it was her
birthday!:-D. ell we went to friendlys hahaha and guess
who we saw there! MRS SHARP! i got in trouble by mrs
sharp. Long story but i got time:

well yestorday i went to the office wit vaness and chryl
for something, and everyone had carnations in there mail
boxes! i meanthe teachers mail boxes. Mrs sharp was
sitting there but we didnt really pay no mind. So iw as
like woo look at all the pertty flowers! and vaness turns
aroudn to look and screams "HOLY JESUS!!!!!!!" HAHAHA and
then mrs sharp was like get out! GET OUT OF THIS OFFICE!
GET OUT!!! and vvaness was like it wasnt me! and thens he
looked at me lol, and then mrs sharp was like GEEET
OOOOOFFFFFIIIIIICCCCEEEEEEE!!!!!!. lol so we did wat we
had to do. and then today at friendlys someone screamed
out hey its mrs coppage so i went to go look if it was her
and it wasnt it was mrs sharp so i was like i wanna sayhi
to ym friend! so i go over to ther and im like hello there
nice lady! and shes like uhh hii...im liek oh you dont
remember me!!! im the girl! that suppossedly screamed holy
jesus! and shes like oh well w/.e im off hours not and
your very lucky. Im liek yes well i was born lucky
thankyou for your time! and then i walked away! hahaha it
was soo funny. And thenw e met ashleyt fricks old
boyfriend!! dan! albino man dan haha hes really cool
actually!. well then we went back to heathers mansion lol
jus chiled and then i brought shannon back to ym house
after the party, and i called vaness and they both slept
over it was fun fun although shannon fell asleep like at
12 ha. we like through water on her and stuff haha.

ig ots a problem!!!!!! mr faalan! he wants to start me in
the game on tuesday against thompson! and i guess im takin
ashley fricks place! and i never played her position!!!
omg and the press brakes and stuff! omg im dead! i hope he
doesnt start me! and if he does i hope he puts me on point
but danielle susi plays that!!! arghhh and i dont know
what to do so i.m me and try to help! please!!!!!!!!! omg
please help lol, well im gonna go! lease help me! omg
please lol im so desperatley seeking help! i cant do this
whole starting thing!! espciall in ashley fricks position
since i never played it ah im dead!

the scared shit girl that goes to thorne