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2003-02-14 23:59:07 (UTC)

I am hurting and angry!..

I am hurting and angry! Even after all this time, almost 6
weeks, even after making love with her, I still hurt! She
cheated on me, god dammit, she cheated on me. I dont care
if it was 6 weeks ago. it hurts. i dont know how she could
have done it, how he could have done it. they say they
didnt mean to hurt me. they should have thought about that
before. he asked me if i knew what it felt like to be
cheated on, that its the worst kind of pain. NO SHIT
SHERLOCK. and so he felt he had to be a good friend and
pass it on? he knows i love her! he knows i would give
anything for her. and yet he called her and rode his bike
to her house and got in bed with her and fucked her. and
she says that she wanted it, and she says that she told him
no, and she says she didnt think. she is a complete
contradictory. i cant just let it go. i'm mad and angry and
hurt, and i love her so god damn mother fucking much, and i
am so pissed i cant see straight. it hurts so bad down
inside. i dont want her to see, but at the same time i want
to hurt her so bad, just like she hurt me and so much worse
than anyone ever thought possible. i want her to wish she
had never met darrel, and darrel to wish he had never been
born. i want to make them both hurt for what they did to me.