My Journey to Motherhood and Life
2001-09-24 23:31:59 (UTC)

My Husband is now an American Citizen!

On Friday, we went to the courthouse and my husband
took his oath of citizenship in this big ceremony. It was
realy nice. We all went to my sister and brother in law's
house and had a great meal with them and my parents and
brother. Too bad his family couldn't be there. He called
them all later. So now I am married to an American
citizen!!! Yeah, I am so happy he has make this
accopmplishment! It took over 5 years and lots of paperwork.
The ceremony was extra special due the current situation in
We had about 15 friends over on Saturday for a big bbq
to celebrate. I decorated with flags and red white and blue
all over the house. I gave his a video camera for a gift.
Yeah, it was a little extravagant, but I know that is what
he wanted and I wanted him to know how pround I was of him.
(Besides, we will need it to record my pregnancy and baby!!)
So, I have been feeling pretty good these past few days,
not even nauseated, except today after that bratworst. Last
Thurs I went to the general nurse practitioner. She said the
home tests were as effective as the ones they have there, so
she didn't give me any more tests. She gave me a script for
some prenatal vitamins I still need to fill. I went over to
the other office and made an appointment with an ob for my
first real prenatal visit, I think on October 24. I saw him
once last year for a prepregnancy visit, and he seemed nice
enough. Ohh, today at work I made a boo-boo. I transferred a
patient that was too heavy and strained my abdomen a bit.I
now realize I have to ask for help, even if I don't want to
be a burden on my coworkers.