I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-14 22:51:09 (UTC)

I wanna hold your hand!

They played that song on our school announcements...what

Anyway, it's been awhile. It's Valentine's Day today! but
who cares because i don't have a valentine! haha jk. Maria,
you may find this odd since you think i'm a hoe haha, but i
have never had a boyfriend on valentine's day. Just thought
i'd say that haha.

Anyway...we got snowed out of school on the 7th, the day of
the dance so they rescheduled it for the 21st. And now i
have no one to go with haha! o well, i'll go by myself
(ahh, scary!) for some reason people think it's embarassing
to go by yourself. I don't see what's wrong with it
personally. I mean, you get to flirt more, dance with
whoever you want, you know what i'm saying?

I think i have a hole in my mouth, that's the second time
i've been taking a sip of Coke and it's spilt on me and my
shirt. Oh well, very random. haha

Haha, my dad keeps saying Happy Thanksgiving!

Anyway...well i'm staying home tonight and watching 20/20,
Notting Hill, and Sweet Home Alabama and eat some of those
conversation hearts! those things are good but i hate the
white ones! eww!

Fun fun...

Anyway, vic's going out with David...but Brittany Frye
(can't stand her) keeps flirting with him. Ewwwww, i can
not stand her!!!! haha anyway...

i think i'm gonna go, i'll probably be bak later tho...