Electric monkey
2001-09-24 23:26:04 (UTC)

9-24-01 [school sschool......]

back to school... mondays suck. i got to school and went
straight to the library.. where i sat bymyself untill
around 10 till 8. then i wanted to go to the bench where im
usually at.. so i went up there for about 3 minutes.. i
wanted to see everyone. it made me feel even more sad to
see graham so down, but it was nice to see him anyway. hes
getting a big ol hug tomorrow. hope that makes him feel
maybe a little better.
ive got home work to do, which i dont really want to deal
with. id rather sit and do nothing, but i guess ill do my
german hw at least... maybe sketch around to make a neato
stained glass design.. well, i didnt really have anything
to say. but i wanted to write. so im going to go..
PS-things have changed... i now write more in my Personal
journal then in this one.......