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Emo Violence
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2001-09-24 23:23:22 (UTC)

why do i always forget to put a title in and the later have to edit and add one in?

a couple of things to start off, first of all, clint is
dumb and hes being a jerk. (period) next off, there are too
many music videos with raping and or beating of women in
them (can think of 2 right off the bat, metallica's turn
the page, crawling by linkin park, and adema or sotmhin the
song's givin in i think) what hte hell, why do rock
stars/mettal heads feel the need to resort to domestic
violence and dumb video making, grr.

2 funnies dont make a funny.

anyway, the boy who sits in front of me in math, inwhich im
fixated on, got his hair cut, it looks better, ever wonder
what you hair looks like in the back? i do, a lot, weird.
anyway, so his hair looks better, i was about to say
somthing, but i didnt want him to kno im fixated wiht the
back of his head, i guess thats just how much that class
sucks. he came into school today walkin with a kid with a
misfits shirt on, another potential topic of converstation
that, yet again, i neglected to broach. by the way, i
found out his name today, hes Michael, jackie says he moved
from texas, for the record, i dont find him attractive or
appealing at all, he just fasinates me.

i think about what fellow students look like naked far too
much, its such an odd distraction.

also tody, for the first time, i noticed my algebra teacher
is black, its 5 weeks into school and i just realised it.

after school i mailed flyers to adam, i hope he appreciates
everything that i help him with, hough i know he doesnt.
anyway, after that i went to the gallery, ate pizza, as
always, the went to the restaurant across the street and
the boys played 2 games of pool, its cool. $1 a game.

what the fuck is goin on with jarred and i, god dman it
makes me so fuckin frustrated, cause i HAVE NO CLUE, are we
flirtign??? he has a girlfriend, this is so bad, i shoudnt
be saying those kinds of things to him, it pisses me off,
but yes, friday im nearly positively sure he told me he
checked out my ass before, jease, and then made a commnt
about small chested girls, on the flipside, alicia is NO
WHERE near small chested, so why would he say those things,
grr, i dont want to hook up with him either, that would be
FAR to complcatied, it would screw things up with
startletta MEGA. (alicaia and alyssa recently asked me to
join starletta)

so i have no clue whats going on, im sick of my friends
being wierd, so i guess i HAVE adopted, frankly, a new set
of friends, IE. skater/stoner sophmores, i guess its cool
we hang out everyday and all, but its weird ya know, i dont
want to smoke up with them, it makes me umcomfortable.

too much homework and thigns to do tonight for me to be
dily dalling in this journal. by the way diary-x.com was
far to complicated for me, i think i'll stick to this b-

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