Fuzzy thoughts
2003-02-14 21:47:27 (UTC)

What a strange idea . . .

Well, here I am, writing in a happy little online journal.
What a remarkably odd thing to do with one's time . . .

A pepsi delivery truck passed me yesterday, and for a
moment I envied the driver. This summer I start my first
job in a pharmacy, and the responsibility is making me a
bit nervous. How much better to be that delivery man,
never worrying that he'll dispense the wrong Pepsi and kill
someone, never worrying that he'll give someone too much
Pepsi, or that they'll become dependent on the Pepsi, have
a strange reaction to the Pepsi, drink too much beer with
the Pepsi, that he didn't ask enough questions before
destributing the Pepsi? No all-powerful State Board of
Pepsi Distributers will swoop down from on high to revoke
his license to restock vending machines anytime in the near

Ah well, I always have worried too much. =) And in truth,
I am looking forward to the internship. I can spend all
the time I want sitting around in a classroom, pouring
through textbooks, studying for exams, but it won't make me
a competent pharmacist. I need to get out there, dive in
head first and discover that hey, I really can do this.
And hopefully, that will be what I discover, and not "Good
gad, I'm hopeless!" We'll see, eh?