my name?

my boring life
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2001-09-24 23:15:54 (UTC)


how come it seems like my parents or mostly my mom is the
most unreasonable strictest mother out there? omg some of
the things she does just makes me soooo fucking pissed
off.She never lets me do anything i want to do..and like
almost all of my other friends parents are cool with it so
why does my mom have to treat me like im 5 years old
still?..its soo anoying... its like she doesnt trust me!
and there is like no reason for her not to trust me im not
a bad kid! And sometimes she says that i should act my age
and not like im older...well u know what i am acting my age
everyother kid acts the same way i do so get used to
it.!...ahhh i cant get started on this bcuase i will never