Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-09-24 23:09:08 (UTC)

just some hypothetical questions...

what should someone do when they are asked advice from a
guy about whether he should ask a girl to sleep with him
and the someone thinks, or more certainly, knows that he is
talking about her, and it just gets more obvious the more
he talks about it? She can't say, "don't tell her ever,
just pretend like those feelings exist!" even though she
really wishes she could, and she can't let him know that
she knows that he's talking about her, even though it is SO
and then after half an hour she tells him finally what he
wants to hear, "if you really want tell her then do that."
he says, "well, what if she has a boyfriend" which the
someone does, what can she do then? at least she has an
exuse to say, don't tell her, or in a quote "that's
unfair" because the same guy told her that he liked her
while she was in a very strong relationship with someone
she loved very much, 2 years ago. what can she do other
than go insane hoping that he doesn't ask her?

it's a very uncomfortable situation... good thing it's only
hypothetical... yeah... sure... uh huh... i do have a good
imagination... but not that good... ya know? at least i
didn't say it was for a friend.