my name?

my boring life
2001-09-24 23:08:10 (UTC)


I hate how when u like someone they dont like you or they
like someone else...ahhh guys suck! well i have waited for
this kid i like to dump his girlfriend or for his
girlfriend to dump him and finally it happenend last
week...sooo its all good right? i am
pretty good friends with his x-girlfriend and of coarse he
likes this other girl how makes me look like dirt...and now
im having 2nd thoughts about even going out with him
because i dont wanna reck any friendships with this girl
becuase i dont have that many friends becuase i just
transfered to a new school, why is everything so i think that i shuold just basically be good
friends with this person because it has been working out
okay like that for a while.

well today was basically boring as usual...lunch was kinda
cool tho cept not many people sat at our table today...just
me Keeley, Emily, Andsana...and i think thats all lol
pretty sad huh! omg chicken nuggets are good! and then i
went to spanish ahhhhs so boring i dont know what the teachers
says in english so how the hell am i supposed to know what
he says in spanish?~ oh well its all good i passed the test
with a 68! yay thats good i thought i was gonna get like a
30 lol...then i went to enhancement it was kinda fun i was
with keeley doug amanda kelsey and her was
kinda not fun so then i went with Jon for a while
and he had that kid with him that he wanted me to hook up
with...idk remember his name but he was kinda cute.. oh
well...idk i sorta like this kid mike but im not sure if i
like him enough to go out with him...idk maybe i just think
hes hott or something like that because hes soooo cute and
hot idk maybe im just a weirdo!
well i dont have that much to say so bye!