Chrissy's Life
2001-09-24 22:51:19 (UTC)

First entry

Well so I started this journal so everyone can read about
my intresting life... well my not so intresting life. I
skiped school today and i will again friday. Drinking and
school dont mix. So maybe i should stop drinking. But
probably not. that could be bad. Well i have a boyfriend-
sean he's great I love him so much. I am pretty sure we are
gonna get marrried. Which helps me out a lot because
knowing that is a sercurity thing for me. I need that. I
need to be with someone. I dont use guys. But i always need
to be with someone. Its about to rain here. I live IN
florida. i just moved here in august. i dont like it here.
Its so different. I dont have my friends with me or my old
house or sean. I really miss sean. 8 more months of school
and we get to move in together. Which by the way my parents
hate. but they cant stop me. i turn 18 in 3 months...
turning 18 is a huge thing for me. i can buy my own cigs.
and im able to get into clubs without fake ID. Fake ID
sucks! You never know when they will figure it out . figure
out that its fake. So lying isnt the way to get anything
but it never stoped me. i know its bad but oh well ....time
to go bye

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