The Subway Fantasia
2001-09-24 22:33:54 (UTC)


I am the Subway Guard-dog. I mind my everyday goings on and
comings forth as any employee of the subway corporation,
for sure. I make sandwhiches, I bus the front, but I also
have another job. I am the guard dog, the protector, man's
best friend and stranger's worst enemy! Subway is my
territory, Lord knows I have marked it many times, and it
is my instictial duty to protect what is MINE and those who
are MY co-workers.

I am making the sandwich, always aware of what is going on.
Making sure nobody tries to rob us, making sure no
terrorists are going to blow up the store, making sure...
making sure... I am making sure of this footlong turkey sub
on wheat. The customer requested bacon, hmm... fresh hot
meat, bacon... the scent pricks my nose as I place it on
the bottom half of the sandwich. The customer, some lady,
reaches across the bain glass... and READJUSTS THE POSITION

I snarl and bite her hand.