The Thoughts Of Me
2001-09-24 22:18:26 (UTC)


Changing the way I do my journals are only a small change
occuring while many others take place... first of all when
I pulled up to my house today there was a large, tacky FOR
SALE sign in the middle of our yard... why don't they put
the damn plastic flamingos out while they're at it? So we
are moving.. which means if my mom wants to pick me up from
school it is a forty minute trip. It's my dad's fault that
he is so insanely jealous that he wouldn't overcome his
pride and sell it to my mom but oh well I didn't like him
anyway.. haha.
You will all be glad to know that I did NOT throw my phone
Top Reason Today Was BAD: I found out that Jamie is now
grounded not only for the porn but for the pot his parents
found in his room. Which I don't really care about except
it proves that yet another one of my old friends will
probably become a burnout. My mom says she isn't surprised
because when she saw him this morning he didn't have
any "life left in him". What's worse is that his little
brother, who is much cooler than him anyway, is having a
really hard time... and what I heard was just so
surprising! He is so young!
Top Reason Today Was GOOD: IT RAINED! NO GYM! NO

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