listen to my silences
2003-02-14 19:39:07 (UTC)


today i dressed in all black, except for a white spaghetti
strap under my black shirt. it's too low to not have one
under it. i tried the black one underneath, but the white
definitely looked better. so uplifting huh?

how pathetic am i? i'm going to an anti-v-day party
tonight in the underground. but hey if it sux too then
i'll just shoot some pool.

i may not even go. i want to cry. this sux.

i'm listening to evan and jaron. i'm not sure why. it
hurts to listen to it, yet i haven't thrown a shoe at my cd
player yet. that's an improvement. i guess...

everyone kept telling me i looked nice today. i guess i
should wear all black more often. granted, i did look kind
of pretty. i felt kind of sophisticated. i also felt like
i was hiding behind this outfit...

take me home
back to where i used to be
just so maybe you can see
that i can't be me
take me home

let me go
back to find somewhere to be
just so maybe i can see
that i will find me
let me go

final thought: why do i torture myself?