random scribbles
2003-02-14 19:26:46 (UTC)

happy valentines day all...

[music - silence other than smudge purring - mind - very

(punk)anna just left so i came on here to check mail and
things before going out later... i'm not too sure what
we're up to tonight but it will be good i know. my friends
prove themselves repeatedly to me to be the greatest people
alive. (so maybe i'm biased, but all the same)
i got lots of cards chocolates stuff from them today,
it was so lovely. i realised i forgot to write about jacob
coming home. it was only for 2 nights, but it was great to
see him again. we sat up eating strawberry shoelaces and
talking about his friends and the novels we plan to write
and all things.
valentines day always is good i find even if nothing
romantic happens, last year was joseph and we all went out
to dinner afterwards, then i met domhis for the first time.
a lovely evening.
anyway - i hope everyone reading this has a good day today
whether with the person theyre in love with or the people
they love or just on their own.