the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-24 22:12:09 (UTC)

AGH need help its confussinnggg

mood - confused
music - lisa lopes, block party

aghhhhhh its annoying...i just found out that bartman's
best friend fancies me... what do i do??? i really want a
bf lol and i do get on really well with his freeidna nd i
have decieded to give up on bartman - but raaaa anyway... o
well, ill just c how things go.

ps - thyanks 2 all the ppl that have msged me, i havent
replied cos i oly rrealised about 5 mins ago that you can
actually recieve msgs on here and so have just been reading
through them all, but thanks 2 every1 that hepled me with
the nostradamus thing and sent me msgs aggreeing with my
views on the disaster - by the way, did anyone watch that
tribute to heroes tv programme? i spnt the whole thing
crying...i probly looked really stupid but it just all came
flooding out lol...im a softy at heart i guess...

luv tiggeress