Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-24 22:07:47 (UTC)

OMG SO HAPPY... yet pissed!!!!!!!

Didn't go to Cowboys, but I don't mind =)

I am so very happy! I talked to Ian for an hour an half on
the phone last night. We used an entire phone card. All of
it. All 90 minutes of it. LOL. I mean I haven't done that
before! lol I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. Ian is great! I totally
love that we are talking again. When we broke up I thought
I was never going to to talk to him again. He even told me
that if he knew I liked him that much we would have
DEFINITLY stayed hooked up. YAY

The only weird part is he is Colin's older brother. I mean
that odd way that I even found that out was the night I
made out with him for 3 hours I walked into the kitchen and
saw Colin. I was like "HOLY SHIT!" I wanted to run back to
Ian's room, but I couldn't even move. Then Ian walks up and
puts his arms around me from behind, kisses my neck and
introduces us... The shitty part was when I told him I
already knew him. Ian just laughed. He saw the look on my
face and laughed so hard. I was laughing at him cause he
was falling off the bed! LOL. Oh well I still had fun! LOL

Well to bet that I asked Colin to homecoming, he knows I
like him, AND I'm his locker partner! LOL

Oh and he KNOWS I dated his brother... so if me and Ian
hook up again when he gets back, and that is ALL WE HAVE
BEEN TALKING ABOUT, its going to be a bit weird.

What do you think???

Well I'm in school right now, so I better go.

See ya!


I guess either Colin or Colin's friend took my Enlgish
binder and BENT IT in half! Then he ripped up the pictures
of tasha and my other pictures of my friends! I mean WHAT
THE FUCK! Why would he do that?!?!?! I am so very pissed. I
want to know who did that shit! Its fucked up! And if its
cause he is pissed about me and Ian... and I have no idea
how he would even know, he has no right to be pissed. So
what if me and Ian are together? He can kiss my white ASS!
Fuck that shit! grrrrr I wish he would just grow up. I wish
a lot of people would grow up!!!!!!!!! oh well I have Ian
so fuck him!!!