Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-09-24 22:04:33 (UTC)

the silliness that is me

Today Ive been knutty. :-D I decided I was going to write
my epitaph *or whatever!* comparing my life to spam. :-D
I wonder what Mrs Ethridge will think. Shes too serious.
She needs to lighten up. So I wrote that just for her.
That, and huggles. Its dedicated to you. ;) I find it
quite amusing. I am very proud of myself. *grin* Shell
either a. get ticked at my lack of seriousness or b.
laugh. Knowing her, shell begrudgingly give me a B. Lol.
Maybe even a C. But its creative! Its got the headstone
with my poem about spam, and its on blue paper, and theres
grass growing under it, and in the grass there are random
cans of spam. *grin* Hee hee.

Dude, the one day I dont bring Stevens cds is the one day
he asks for them. Lol. Im listening to his Bosstones cd
right now. *Big Grin* hee hee

Okay, so im guilty of being in a good mood... :-D

Well, my wonderful, sweet, awesome man is on, so im gunna
go now. Love all yaz!