if you see jordan
2003-02-14 18:14:02 (UTC)

friends can be so ugghh...

i hate this so much

i like this kid names ****(sorry most of you who read this know who
it is, but for certain reasons i am just gonna **** it! and i dont
know him that well
but my friends know him. So i have to basically rely on
them to help me out. This sounds okay but its NOT. Why?
Because these grls can be major bitches and i'm not super
duper great friends with them. So they would go out and
not tell me that hes going and then i would not get to talk
to him. Also i've already been yelled at by one friend
abby. BITCH!!! She im's me and says "i know who you like",
so i answer "cool! well if you dont mind not telling him
that would be awesome!". So she says "i dont understand
why it was such a big secret. Why wouldnt you tell me but
tell other people." So i tell her that "i dont trust her
cause every other time i've told her i liked someone she
told them!" So then she proceeds to yell at me for not
telling her. And if you ask for a reason you better be
prepared for ne sort of answer, let that be a complaint or
a critisize. So the thing that hurt me the most was when i
said "Does it bother you that i like him or something?" and
she answers "It bothers me that you dont know him that well
and you're telling everyone you like him." At that point
i'm ready to KILL her, but instead i answer "Okay thanks i
guess i just wont talk about him ne more." But what i
wanted to say was "How many crushes have i had to listen to
from you. Andrew, chris, the kid from the beach you didnt
even know!! i mean COME ON how much of a hypocrite are
you!! you didnt know them that well. And when i told
ashley, she agreed with me, she said EXACTlY what i wanted
to say which was " likeing someone starts with an
attraction, then you get to know them, and then if it gets
far enough you go out with them" true, how true!!!

well that was a super lot of stuff i wrote..haha..i'm OUT