Nick's Journal
2003-02-14 17:01:18 (UTC)

Fuck Valentine's Day

Fuck Valentine's Day I really hate it. Sigh. Don't get
me wrong, I'm not lonely in that sense. I mean I got to
talk to juliann and that's by far the best present i could
possibly get. if anything i guess i'm really happy it's
valentine's day because it reminds me once again how
fucking lucky i am. i guess that hearing her voice and
then realizing after that i am here and she is there is
just too much of a reminder for me. so as i walk aroudn
the campus today and see all the kisses and hugs i'll just
walk with a shudder and a contemptful look, wishing that i
too were being held or atleast close to the one that i
love. well atleast it won't be long until my valentine's
day comes.
anyhow i walked around campus today to get american psycho
from john and i realized some crazy things. first and
foremost the gays were out waving a petition in my face
for same sex marriages (once again something juliann and i
disagree on :-)). anyhow one of the jerks was a
mongloid. meaning he had a huge forehead and deeply
embedded eyes, i wonder if he's gay. he must be if he's
pushing that shit, but then again he could just be an all-
conscious liberal. what putzes they are. i'm sick of
being inundated by brazen lies that cover up their own
fears with fabrications of pity. oooooooo i FEEL so much
for the mongloids or oooooooooooo, i feel so bad that
george harrison died, or ooooooooooo i wish gays had it
good. man shut up. shut the fuck up. christ. you all
don't give a flying rats ass about all those people
anymore than it is beneficial to your own megalomaniac
desires. you don't really give a flying shit about these
people and your false sympathy is a cover-up for your own
fears and realization that you're worth jack-shit in this
i mean. awwwwwww, i feel so bad for everybody too. but
you know what? i don't. but you know something else?
for the few that i do feel badly for, i actually do
something to help them. i dont' stand outside for 30 mins
with a petition then go smoke a cigarette in my hippy
abode and whine. god damn.
oh and there was this guy today who had a big ass backpack
on, and he had all the straps tightly snapped together on
his chest. what the fuck? is he about to launch himself
into space or something? one more thing i don't
understand is why do people wear their clothing half-off?
mostly black people do this. like they'll have half of
their shirt off? or their shoes completely untied? why?
i understand the concept of sagging and the prison shit,
but is this another exclamation? saying i'm either too
stupid or lazy to finish dressing myself?
eh either way i don't understand it so i'll first
viciously lash out at it like a good american and then
i'll get the facts.
so that's about it. Happy Valentine's Day Juliann, we get
to celebrate it twice ;-).