My Life.............
2001-09-24 21:32:05 (UTC)

boring Monday.......

Nothing going on today, just makeing a meatloaf for
supper, waiting for my potatoes to finish..
Its raining, i hope it stops or slows down so i can go for
my walk later.:)
I think L. has left the forum, she did help out a little
for the past couple of days, but, i guess she is going to
help someone else, i wish she would tell me if she is
planning on leaving, so i can look for someone else to help
me, i dont know if shes mad or not, i didnt give her any
reason to be, but, i think something else is going on, that
she doesnt think i know, im not mad about it, but, i dont
knw why a friend would want to do that to another