abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-24 21:28:36 (UTC)


ha........ kelli just said that me n her are like best
friends... and i mean, we are but its so weird, shes always
with aj now at lunch, not like she could sit at my table, i
mean, she could but she doesn't.... i dono its weird me n
kelli are like bestfriends that dont really do best friend

its okay tho i'm glad she is

i'm talkign to miek right nwo abotu how judegemental he is,
and he is. all of "them" (as in him n his friends, liek...
uhh.. the oens he used to sit with at lunch all last year,
those) are so judgemental... fist he was like, oh yeah i
forgot your a raver now and i was liek i'm sorry, i don't
rave and hes liek then why do you have to hang out with all
fo them and i'm liek they are my friends and its betetr
than beign aroudn you n matt and chris and all of that all
the time and goign on liek that and hes like well at least
you dont act all hispanic and i'm liek ughh so jusdgemental
and then he stopped talkign to me... i feel like shit, i
really do

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