Simple Lies & Confusion
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2003-02-14 15:27:32 (UTC)

#Understand, This Isn't Normal#

Well I thought that I would write about Monday morning.
Not many people know that around 5am that I was with good
ol' Stephen. Yeah, what a shocker, and pry thinking WHAT?
WHY?! I'll explain why and then tell you what all went
down that day!
Well, I was talking to Stephen on MSN and he had asked how
long I was going to be up b/c he had to bring Trever's bag
to town and I was like THAT IS WHERE MY BELT IS. And he
was like all "really?" and then said that I would have to
do something so that I could get it back. Then we went
back and forth on what and shit. Well he asked me to smoke
with him. After while I was like aight, sure, I suppose.
So about a quarter to 5 or so he shows up and we drive
round, talk, and smoke. Then we went to my house to play a
little Game Cube. Then went back out and drove around,
went to the cemetery park, smoked more, drove around, went
back down there and he was going to smoke again but
decided not to. So here we are just sitting there and he
puts his hand like on my face to turn it towards him and
then we just started kissing. Well I pulled away and he
was like what? It just felt so weird to me though. Then we
ended up doing that like 2 more times. I pulled away each
time cuz it was just way to weird. I don't know why he did
it either. Well so we go and ride around some more after
some awkward sitting there and just wondering what’s up
with the other person. Then about 7 he decides to go get
Ern up and so I went home. But outta this whole thing, I
I haven't talked to Trever in like a LONG time. I e-mail
him and shit and ask him if he wants his CDs back and
stuff but he never replies. I think a reason that it was
awkward with Stephen is that he is one of Trever's best
friends. Even though I did shit with Stephen 1st, I never
dated Stephen. So yeah... I don't know why I couldn't do
NE thing with him and I wanna know why I couldn't damn
it!! The Trever thing is a real good reason though too so
I think that I already know the reason! DAMN YOU TREVER!!
Well I’m gonna head so I will write again when I have
something that I want to talk about! LATA! LUVS!

Rie Jo

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