A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
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2001-09-24 21:23:18 (UTC)



Today has been such a crazy day. I have soo much homework.
English, Geometry (took me like an hour!! and i still dont
understand!), and finally, Chem. I have to goto musical
practice from 6-8pm, then study all night for Chem. I dont
even have time for running anymore!

In other news, Mollys been really happy. I'm glad for her.
She finally got to see Dan. Its been like 3 weeks. I
understand how rough it is. I only get to see Matt once a

I showed Katie a picture of Bill today. She seemed okay
with his looks, which is good. I really hope they goto
Homecoming together.

Schools balancing out poorly. I just failed my English test
and quiz, but I got a 98 on my geometry test. And
Spanish...thats a whole new topic.

People seem to have forgot about this whole "attack on
america" issue. I guess thats good.

I'm still bothered by Mick.

Jeff Imed me today! It was nice hearing from him. Hes a
good guy, and he can get girls pregnant! haha.

I hope Matt calls me tomorrow.

Gotta go to "Pippin'"