Visions Of Life
2001-09-24 21:18:01 (UTC)

Poetry Of Desolation...

Disclaimer- The following two poems are of a kind of
depressing nature. Do not take them TOO literally. And in
no way to I condon suicide and/or self harm so do not think
I am encouraging it.Thank you for your time..

Why am I the one tossed aside?
So easily replacable,
The shadow in your mind.
Do I no longer matter?
Are the tears in my eyes not real?
Am I the ghost of a past love, moved on?
Wandering through my desolation.
No longer aware of the pain in my chest.
My soul is slowly dying, my flame going out.
But I'm just a shadow in your eye.
So let me perish, I've said my goodbye.

They think that I can make it
Such optimism lies in fools
For they don't see me struggle
On my knees, weeping in shame
They never see me slash my wrist
And beg for Satan's grasp
Nor do they watch me down some pills
Collapse in drunken wrath
They have no idea, the doubts I have
Uncertainty living within me
So they smile, encourage and question
While I keep my secrets inside me

The thorn in my mind
Debilitating nemesis
Slowly draining my soul

Random Comment- Song stuck in my head and heart= No Doubt-
Don't Speak..